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4 Weeks of 1-On-1 Coaching


You will be partnered with one of our highly skilled and intuitive Life Coaches for 4 weeks of personalized training and activation. Using the 30-day goal you created in Module 2, a Life Coach will walk side-by-side with you on the path of implementation and success. As you begin activating yourself and "Living Out Loud" your life's purpose, these 4 weeks will accelerate you into feeling full and fulfillment.  

Our clients testify over and over to this step being the most revolutionary step they have ever taken in their lives. This is not a step of change; this is the step of transformation into the authentic YOU.

Meet The Coaches

Dr. Barry.jpg

Dr. Barry Lenhardt

Dr. Barry Lenhardt is a certified International Life Coach and Co-Founder of Living Life By Design, a multi-module workshop created to help people discover their purpose and live from their original and unique design.


 His pioneering, revelatory approach to teaching answers the questions of many believers searching for relevant truth. Dr. Barry focuses on walking in the Spirit and understanding the concepts of the Kingdom of God, developing the new nature and freedom in righteousness.

Dr. Tina Hay

The Soul Doctor®, Dr. Tina Hay, has helped thousands of people “get out of their own way” and become the true success they have always been. As Co-Founder of Living Life By Design and a certified International Life Coach, Dr. Tina has dedicated her life’s passion to the expansion and multiplication of others' greatness. Working with leaders around the world - individuals, governments, businesses, churches, and organizations alike - Dr. Tina is a master of teaching people how to obtain sustainable transformation on the outside while unlocking their greatness within.


Dr. Shawn Lenhardt


Dr. Shawn’s passion is teaching others to discover their original selves according to God’s design for them and the freedom that this discovery brings. She is a certified life coach with Bachelor Degrees in Elementary Education and Theology and an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity. 


Dr. Tegan Mills, OTD, OTR/L

Dr. Tegan is passionate about the unification of THE BODY by bringing alignment and transformation to the physical body. Dr. Tegan is a certified Life Coach through LLBD and is a practicing Doctor of Occupational Therapy, with expertise in pediatric specialties and adult rehabilitation. In the natural, she works with the physical body and brain to champion individuals into a lifestyle of greatest independence in their daily activities. In the Spirit, Dr. Tegan partners with individuals to discover and explore the depths of their greatness and unlock their unlimited truth.    

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