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The 12 month Statesman Training includes:

  • Initial 30-minute face-to-face meeting with Ambassador Rivers and team to unlock your personal initiative in Amarillo, TX (March 31, April 1-2)

  • 1 personal coaching session each month with Ambassador Rivers and his ICN team

  • Monthly group call with question and answer times with Ambassador Rivers and his ICN team

  • Monthly assignments to be emailed to Ambassador Rivers’ ICN coaching team

  • 1 personal coaching session each month with your LLBD coaching team

  • Team partnership and support all around you

  • ICN family partnership in almost every nation of the world


Bonus Opportunities:


  • Opportunity to invest in extra coaching with Ambassador Rivers

  • Every 4 months, you will have an activation travel opportunity nationally or internationally

  • TV Broadcasting – viewed by over 50 million people

  • iChange Nations National Publication - book publication opportunity

  • NextGen Media – blog and article writing

  • Awards and Titles needed being extended to you


Finances: 3 payment options


1. One-time Payment Option: $4995
     a. Paid in Full: $4995


2. 2-Payment Option:
     a. Required deposit of $1500
     b. $3495 balance due within 30 days

            i. 2-installments of $1747.50 week 2 & week 4

3. 90-day Payment Option:
     a. $1500 deposit required
     b. 3 payments of $1250
           i. 1-payment each 30 days over 90 days
          ii. Note: extra $255 to cover administrative fees over 90-day payment option

Note: Once you have paid online, someone will be contacting you set up your face-to-face appointment with Ambassador Rivers.  

If you live out of the area and are unable to make it to Amarillo, TX, your 30-minute session with Ambassador Rivers will be done over the phone.

Added Benefits

During the Statesman Training you will/will be:


  • Coached and mentored personally by Ambassador Rivers

  • Partner with ICN & LLBD on national and international trips for hands-on experience

  • Find, fine-tune, and release your life’s initiative

  • Learn how to become the expert in your field

  • Trained in how to market yourself

  • Trained in government protocols of the world – the do’s and don’ts

  • Learn how to wield your Influence

  • Learn how to be #1 every time you walk into the room

  • Given opportunities with TV, radio broadcasts, book publications, internet publications, etc.

In this Statesman Training you will learn:

  • How to carry a message the world will listen to

  • How to make lasting influence on a national and international level

  • How you will be trained in the language governments speak

  • How you will be trained to discover your God-given gift

As part of the Statesman Training, you will be trained in/given:

  • How to properly present yourself to government

  • The protocols of national and international government offices

  • Proper etiquette training for other governments and countries

  • Hands-on study and experience opportunities when you are invited to travel with Ambassador Rivers to Washington, D.C. and/or overseas

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REMEMBER…there is only room for 50 people!


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