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LLBD is privileged to connect with people in all seasons of life. Some are walking independently while others are in need of breakthrough and advancement.

No matter their current situation, when someone requests and desires forward movement in their lives, we look for a way to make that happen if limitations are holding them back.

We look for the opportunity to bless.


This is exactly why the LLBD Scholarship Fund was created, to allow you the opportunity to invest into the purposes of God being unfolded in peoples’ lives and to help them move forward.


As a 501C3 organization, your tax-deductible gift to LLBD will go toward helping others discover their life purpose, heal and remove wounds from the soul and advance others into health and wholeness in all areas of life.


We thank and honor you in advance for the road of freedom you are paving for another. Your gift truly changes lives.


Many Blessings to You,

Dr. Barry Lenhardt & Dr. Tina Hay

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