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"If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there."

Module 1: 1-Day Course

What is my purpose? What was I created for? Why am I here on earth? What am I doing with my life? These questions sound all too familiar, right? Too many people walk through life without knowing who they are or how to maximize the design they were given to live by.

Module 1 is a one-day course designed to allow you the opportunity of discovering your life's purpose. Our principal facilitators personally walk you through an intense, reflective process that draws from your life experience and areas of passion. As your purpose emerges, your life's design becomes clear, and you too will be able to live with that end in mind.

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  • Module price: $500


It would not be an over-exaggerated statement to say that the Module process totally wrecked who I was but by Holy Spirit’s power, it has put me back together in a more fulfilled way than I have ever been before. I came to Module 1 at the end of myself, in life and in ministry and what I have learned has both restored and redefined the man I AM. I am a better husband, I am a better father and a better pastor. But most importantly, I finally understand that I am a son to the Father and brother to the Son. LLBD, by the power of the Holy Spirit, has unlocked Father’s original purpose for me and I am forever grateful!!!

-Andrew Martin | September 2016

My weekend was nothing like I thought it was going to be. I came to LLBD open to the thought of having my life touched and make everything "right". What I found was that I am "right", I just have to believe it. I have work to do but to my surprise it was in areas of my life I never looked at. The insight of Dr. Tina and Dr. Barry is raw and makes you look at yourself in ways you never knew you could.


At LLBD you are never pushed to participate more than you are willing to but in everyway you are provided with an environment that makes you know you are safe to go as deep as you want to. No format has ever opened the Word in a way that makes you know how loved you are by everyone in your group and everyone in God. By the time you are done, you know you have the Kingdom inside of you and you know what your goals and purpose is!

-Alison Lopez | September 2015

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