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"Live your life, frame the world."

Module 3: 1-Day Course

By Module 3, you will have discovered why you were created, identified your life's purpose, implemented the tools given to you and much, much more!

In this course, we work with you to tap into your unlimited mindset. The tools given to you in the areas of success, power, money and more, enable you to learn what it means to connect and communicate from the place of truth, the unlimited YOU! Module 3 is designed to help you become "THE GIFT THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR!"


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  • Module price: $500


I know mentally and emotionally my “I Am Statement.” I was passionate about the truth and being a voice of truth, but in my small group of three, I felt for the first time the spiritual impact of God’s purpose for me. I think for the first time, my spirit bore witness with His spirit that indeed, I was the voice of truth - God’s voice of truth. This class combined with the other classes and coaching helped me pursue my passion with confidence.

                                                               -Andy Dietz | January 9, 2016


By developing not just my own, but seeing the I Am statements from the entire group, we all got to see first hand what the kingdom of God really looks like. The more we love ourselves and build up our brothers and sisters the stronger we will be. The kingdom of God is at hand and we are the vessels He is using to bring it to earth. We are part of God and we will change our surroundings by His power that is within us.

- Zach Jenkins | December 19, 2015

Wow again – so I felt confident and I owned my I Am statement when I came in this morning. Somehow after the group session where we “tried out” that statement on our small group, I really (realized) that it was too shallow and too vague. But I gave it in front of the class anyway, knowing I would get some feedback and it might be changed. Yep – it was absolutely too small. But more than that, it didn’t hit the center of the target in my heart. It evolved from “I Am God’s Honorable Judge” to “I Am Justice” to “I Am God’s Favorite Woman” to “I Am God’s Favored Woman.” Then Dr. Tina stepped up and told me somewhere life had made me live much smaller than I am. That really impacted me and for the first time in my life, I am valued as a woman – really.

- Tammy Lewis | December 19, 2015

This Module 3 class has been a great experience. I loved the declarations of the I Am statements. It was beautiful to see as each person took ownership of who they are. Also, the power in the atmosphere was so refreshing. We were all releasing power through our statements that shifted the spiritual realm. I am so glad to have found LLBD and truly believe it is the move of God that will change the world.

- James Holley | December 19, 2015

Today has been so amazing getting to see what’s been done in me and I LOVED watching what He’s doing in others through our I Am statements. The unity I felt with these people is incredible, only God can do that! I’m so thankful for this ministry. I see everything so different: I have the boldness to tell others what I see in them. I’ve always seen but didn’t act on it. This has been an amazing journey.

- Ty Buchanan | December 19, 2015


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