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Soul Detox™ with Dr. Tina Hay the Soul Doctor®


Words cannot express how much the Soul Detox did for me! It helped me to connect with God on a whole new level, and it helped me to see how God looks at me as a true son! And the tools that Dr. Tina gives you in the Soul Detox will be used constantly through your entire life! She helps you to get out of the funk that life brings and shows you how to walk the path of Righteousness with God. My prayer life has gotten better mostly because Dr. Tina challenged me to pray in the spirit more than I ever had done before. I had a hard time getting even to 30 minutes the first few days, but then I gradually got to 2 1⁄2 hours. I tell you what your life will never be the same again when you start doing this! This program has changed the way I do life, and the way that I impact others around me. 


Wheatland, Wyoming

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