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      Justin Brennan: Wyoming, USA

  • Completely new mindset of what relationship with Father looks like - instead of a mind

    fixed on laws or religious ideologies!

  • Complete redesigning of how my family and I do life!

  • Becoming the Purpose of I AM through the lifestyle of who I AM!

      Kodi Brennan: Wyoming, USA

   • Living a Lifestyle Designed by God, to Live Like No One Else.

      Erin Martin: Pennsylvania, USA

  • I’ve learned so much about how important I am in the Kingdom

  • I’m learning to live in my gifting in POWER and TRUTH.

  • LLBD turned on the gas to light up the Holy Spirit in me.

  • My finances and marriage have been blessed by following the truths I learned.

  • I never want to go back to living in the shallow end of my faith.

  • I’m in love with Jesus all over again.

  • LLBD brings ‘Church’ with all the power and revelation it was intended to have.

  • A people to love and understand me. They celebrate who I am.

  • I am finally walking in freedom from sexual sin.

  • A place I fit in.

      Derek Hunsberger: Michigan, USA

   • LLBD has helped me realize that in GOD’S eyes, I’m great all the time - not just some of

      the time.

     Ruth Hunsberger: Michigan, USA

  • The LLBD team helped me come alive again, dream again, and realize that everything

    inside of me is not, in fact, foolish or inconsequential. It’s Heaven, and now I get to offer

    HOME to everyone around me!

  • I actually hang out with Jesus in Heaven now, work with Holy Spirit, and I’m wrecked for

    anything else.

  • The LLBD team helped strengthen our marriage and parenting skills, with everything

    centered on God and His purpose for us.

  • The LLBD team taught us how to walk in our identity in Christ as marriage partners,

    parents, and individuals.

  • The LLBD coaching team showed us how to realize the unique personality, passions, and

    skills God placed within us so we could bless the world on purpose.



     Sarah Walton: Wyoming, USA

  • The greatest gift that LLBD has poured out and lived out is that Christianity is not meant

     to be a cookie cutter presentation. It is a personal relationship with Father and Holy Spirit that                   transforms us into the image of Jesus INSIDE-OUT with our unique God-print 

     shining through as we fulfill and walk out the purpose He designed for us, unapologetically.”

     Jen & Jason Lambrecht: Washington, USA
  • Dr. Barry & Dr. Tina brought the revelation of the Kingdom purpose for our lives. Their

     passion and love to see people come into their fullness has been such a gift to us.


      Kathy Stout: New Mexico, USA
   • Without LLBD, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I absolutely love being in

      relationship with The Father, Son, Holy Spirit, The Word...the list goes on and on and it all started              because of LLBD. For something I said I would never do, I thank God my daughter did them which led        me to dive in after seeing the impact it had on her life.

     Tamara: Alberta, Canada
   • My life has been quite literally transformed since getting to know Dr. Tina & Dr. Barry!

      Such life changing wisdom and freedom tools flow from them and that has caused me to understand          what it is to truly walk with great purpose and confidence in the destiny God has set for me. He’s an          extravagant God and I love how His extravagance flows through everything that LLBD does. I’m so            thankful!

     Rosanna Penner: Manitoba, Canada

  • What a gift Dr. Barry and Dr. Tina have been in my life! Understanding my God given

    Purpose in life and HOW we partner with Him every single day has transformed how I

    view even my day-to-day tasks.

  • Understanding that I am a King! What a blessing! Jeremiah 29:11

  • Sad tears, frustrated tears, and then tears of joy! Through the amazing coaching

    process, Dr. Tina & Dr. Barry unraveled the beautiful gift...of ME!

  • What a journey to understand my purpose here on earth, not one of lack, but one of

    prosperity God intended for us! I AM A KING! Jeremiah 29:11




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